“Thank you for helping me break out of the ‘reporter restraints’ and be free to be the TV Guestpert! I now realize how I need to start solidifying my credibility in that role. I’m excited to work on clarifying my message and sharing my stories…. ‘as a mother of two.’”

— Karen Owoc, Healthy TV Reporter

“Your on-camera media training workshop was fabulous! I learned more in those 4 hours than I could learn by reading 5 books (except maybe yours of course. Ha!!). Your workshop was packed with information and the on-camera work was enormously helpful to us normally behind-the-scene entertainment professionals. You are a star, and I know you know how to help make others more successful in what we do, and also how to appropriately expand our sphere of influence and reach.”

- Robert Pafundi, Attorney, Author of Safe Stardom: How to Protect Your Children on Their Road to Fame

“Jacquie Jordan’s On Camera Media Training is a necessity if you are serious about being a recurring guest expert on TV.”ecessity if you are serious about being a recurring guest expert on TV.”

— Joanna Garzilli, Big Miracle Breakthrough

“What a fantastic day! Working with Jacquie and her team is such a blessing. If you are ready to “up your game” in a big way, TVGuestpert is the perfect solution.”

— Rebecca Grado, New York Times Bestselling Author of Taming Your Alpha Bitch

“Jacquie is so tuned into what is going on in the world of TV. You should take her training before a network lures her away to be its President!”

— Carole Lieberman, M.D., Media Psychiatrist

“Jacquie created a safe space for us to be critiqued and she also provided great tips on how to create speaking points. Even though you may feel you are seasoned Guestpert, there is always room for improvement.”

— Dr. Cindy Bunin, Child Psychologist and Author

“Look who’s talking about manifestation. You sit there with your magic wand helping everyone around you make their dreams come true.”

— Judith Claire, Author of So THAT’S Why They Do That: Men, Women, and Their Hormones

“This is the alchemy of heart-based marketing; turning your invisible passionate emotions about your work, topic, or product, and turning it into a sound-track that will grab attention and invite a wide audience into your mission.”

— Christine Stevens, DrumCircles

“I want to thank you for a stellar workshop! I feel like I came away with some helpful tools for moving forward on my new path!”

— Dina Cerchione, Celebrity Stylist


Angela Paul, Author of The Beauty of Aging

Dr. Philip Dembo, Author of The Real Purpose of Parenting: The Book You Wish Your Parents Read

Christy Whitman and Rebecca Grado, New York Times Bestselling Authors of Taming Your Alpha Bitch